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A Robust Assessment Practice

Vulnerabilities Vex Every Enterprise

Security is an important consideration for all organizations today. An Accenture 2019 research points out that 68% of business leaders perceive an increase in cyber security risks. Amidst this threat landscape, organizations must own the reliability of their information assets and ensure better cyber-resilience. Preventing external agents from exploiting inherent vulnerabilities in an organization’s infrastructure has become a mission-critical milestone for stakeholders.
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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services (VAPT)

The Reliability Route For Your Technology Landscape

An independent and point-in-time assessment of key systems and overall infrastructure security goes a long way, enabling you to depend on them. Our penetration testing framework is purposed exactly for that, providing a view of risk from the perspective of a malicious actor. This testing also helps identify ways that technical risk can translate into business risk.

A specialized assessment method employed by Green Method, delving into your organization’s technology landscape and infrastructure, to identify the security vulnerabilities that may be exploited by attackers. The intent is ensuring cyber-resilience as security risks grow in variety and complexity, and cyber criminals continue developing even more sophisticated system penetration techniques.

We focus on

The ongoing and demanding task of protecting your organization against internal and external security threats

We understand

The need to be agile, introduce new systems, technologies, and ways of working to be competitive and improve efficiency

We help clients to

Stay one step ahead of potential attackers, enabling their critical systems to grow with their business, without lowering the defenses

VAPT – Our Scope Of Services

  • Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Network Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing
  • Physical Device (PoS, ATM ICS, IoT) Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing
  • Data Exfiltration Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Network Security

Calibrated With VAPT On CyRe-sphere

The Vulnerability Assessment services we leverage, help identify the vulnerabilities on your network as well as on hosts and network devices. We take it a step ahead, determining the methods of mitigating the identified vulnerabilities.
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Assessed Network Equipments/Systems

VA process covers network equipment like routers, switches, firewalls, etc. and operating systems like Windows, Linux, Solaris, and others.

VA Testing Scope

While penetration testing provides an external view of security status, the vulnerability assessment service uncovers internal security problems arising from insecure configurations, weak settings, non-compliance to the security policies, etc.

VAPT Action Points For Network Security


Proactively and repeatedly attempt to break into the organization’s network to assess their level of security posture and preparedness.


Provide you with a hacker’s eye view of the system, to identify security gaps that could be exploited by a remote attacker.


Deploy the best in class penetration testing tools and techniques – constantly updated to include all known threats and risks. Deploy internally developed tools that helps us uncover vulnerabilities that escape the radar of commonly available ones.

Application Security Testing

Thorough & Differentiated Enterprise App Assessment Journey

Our Application Security Testing approach and model for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of enterprise applications is a comprehensive journey. It provides the customer with an accurate and exhaustive snapshot of the state of information security of IT applications – from a technical as well as a business standpoint.

Manual & Automated Assessment Scope

Application Code Review

Assessing Code Integrity – Ascertaining Security

Source Code Audit Dubai

A Meticulous Manual Approach

The Team of Application Code Review Specialists here is among the best in the industry. They leverage our unique approach to application code review- a practical methodology to identify source code defects from a security posture perspective.

Testing activities in chronological order –

  • Application Profiling
  • Detailed Code Walkthrough
  • Code Review
  • Threat Modeling
  • Code Analysis
  • Analysis & Reporting

Application Code
Review – SaaS

Code securely and real-time as our partner solution empowers your developers with quick and automated security feedback for faster code-remediations and learning on the go.

Health Checks

The Missing Link Between Security & Breach

Your annual health checks are a process to detect and prevent any emerging health-hazards. Imagine you had never had one and were suddenly facing a serious health-breakdown. It’s a scary prospect!

What about your organization’s Security Health? Have you got it checked?

If so, how thorough was it? Surprisingly, most companies do not have consistent and regular ways to assess the health of their security practices. They do not get Security Health diagnosed. Hence, they are always prone to a security disaster.

Information Security Health Check

A Complete Vulnerability Diagnosis Of Security Health

Green Method’s Information Security Health Check (iSHC) can be thought of as a “Diagnostic Test” for organization security – with a multitude of tests for health assessment. Parameters include Physical Security, Network Security, Application Security, Human Resource Security, processes, procedures, and so on. We validate the assessment with a detailed diagnostic report, with metrics and examples. Additionally, we also create detailed recommendations, including an Implementation Plan for your organization. Should you choose, we can also help you implement this plan and improve your organization’s security parameters overall. Some of our largest clients swear by our iSHC. See how this can work for your organization.

Realize Your Security Assessment With A Robust Testing Portfolio