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Data Protection and Privacy

Data Protection and Privacy ensures the safeguarding and confidentiality of sensitive information through advanced security measures and comprehensive privacy protocols.

Data Protection and Privacy

DLP - GTB Technologies

GTB Technologies is a leading provider of data protection solutions. Their portfolio offers comprehensive protection against data loss from various sources, including malware, trusted insiders, and external threats. With solutions for on-premises, off-premises, and cloud environments, GTB Technologies ensures data security by blocking sensitive information regardless of file type, port, or channel. Their innovative approach and commitment to customer trust make them a reliable choice for cybersecurity and insider threat protection.

Mang. File Transfer - Fortra GAMFT

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (GAM FT) is an enterprise-level solution that secures, automates, and streamlines secure file transfers for organizations of all sizes. GAM FT managed file transfer solution is deployable on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments and helps organizations to achieve regulatory compliance with ease, improve data security, and streamline manual processes. GAM FT will provide a safe and audited method for automatically transferring information within and outside of your enterprise.

Encryption - Randtronics

Randtronics is a privately owned company that develops and delivers encryption-based data security solutions to customers worldwide. Randtronics Data Privacy Manager (DPM) is a software solution that combines data security and privacy of data in a single platform. DPM is a next-generation patented software product that utilizes enterprise-grade encryption, tokenization, masking, key management, access control, and auditing.

Sensitive Data Discovery & Protection - GroundLabs

Sensitive Data Discovery & Protection - GroundLabs

Enterprise Recon Now™ is an innovative data discovery solution by Ground Labs designed to address the specific challenges faced by organizations with remote workforces while ensuring regulatory and compliance requirements are met. It offers comprehensive support for sensitive data discovery on various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM AIX.

With over 300 predefined and variant data types, customizable data types powered by GLASS™, and the ability to accurately analyze risk, Enterprise Recon enables organizations to detect and remediate data on workstations. Additionally, it provides complimentary 24/5 support for users.

DAP & Data Classification - Safetica

Safetica helps you prevent data leakage, guide staff on data protection, and stay compliant with regulations. Safetica is a cost-effective, easy-to-use Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. It performs security audits, prevents sensitive data from leaving your company, and sheds light on what is going on in your organization. Safetica can be deployed in a matter of hours – it secures your information quickly and easily. Internal security has never been easier. We help you protect your data, guide your people and support business compliance. Safetica ONE prevents data breaches and makes data protection regulations easy to comply with by securing your business from human error or malicious behavior.

Application Security

Application Security ensures robust protection for your applications against potential vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Through advanced scanning techniques and comprehensive testing, it identifies and mitigates security risks, allowing you to confidently safeguard your valuable data and maintain the integrity of your software systems.


Veracode is a global leader in application security services, offering code review and security testing using patented technology. Trusted by major banks and renowned companies, it provides automated static, dynamic, and mobile application security testing, along with consulting and remediation services. With its cloud-based capabilities, Veracode enables organizations to efficiently govern and mitigate software security risks across applications and portfolios. From Fortune 500 companies to mid-market enterprises, Veracode serves as the backbone of application risk management worldwide.

API - Cequence

Cequence Unified API Protection (UAP) is a comprehensive solution that safeguards APIs at every stage, ensuring protection against data breaches, fraud, and disruptions caused by security risks. It offers quick deployment, scalability, and a holistic view of API risks using AI, ML, and threat intelligence. It covers all aspects of API security, including inventory management and defense against advanced attacks.

DAST - Inviti

Invicti Security is changing the way web applications are secured, specializing in web application security, and serving organizations across the world. Invicti’s two products, Netsparker and Acunetix, prevent costly data breaches and other security incidents by identifying web vulnerabilities from the early stages of application development through production. Netsparker is the leading enterprise DAST + IAST solution and the first to deliver automatic verification of vulnerabilities with its proprietary Proof-Based Scanning™ technology, enabling unparalleled scalability for even the largest organizations. Known for its ease of use, speed, and accuracy, Acunetix enables even small businesses to leverage best-in-class web application security tools, and was the first-ever automated web application security scanner to feature both DAST and IAST.

WAF - Radware

cloud computing security

Radware OOOSAttack Mitigation System protects online businesses, data centers, and service providers and can ensure the security of their online presence and maintain productivity.

application security services

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security offers robust protection for your organization’s devices and network endpoints. With advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities, it safeguards against malware, phishing attacks, and unauthorized access. GreenMethod ensures that your endpoints remain secure, minimizing the risk of data breaches and ensuring business continuity.

Endpoint Security Solution Dubai

EDR - CrowdStrike

Outpace the adversary with full visibility into exactly what’s happening on your endpoints. See every detail of even the most sophisticated threats, with complete context at your fingertips to rapidly investigate threats and inform quick, confident action. They enrich comprehensive endpoint data with AI-powered detections curated by world-class security experts. Our intelligent alert prioritization and embedded threat intel surface the most critical high-fidelity detections, enriched with key MITRE ATT&CK mappings, so analysts are more informed and more productive. Powerful response actions enable swift containment and investigation of threats, including on-the-fly remote access to rapidly respond from anywhere in the world.


threat detection services

Powerful multilayered protection that leverages ESET’s unique global threat detection network, machine learning capabilities, and human expertise. ESET unobtrusively protects and monitors 24/7, updating defenses in real-time to keep users safe and businesses running without interruption. Evolving threats require an evolving IT security company. Backed by R&D centers worldwide, ESET becomes the first IT security company to earn 100 Virus Bulletin VB100 awards, identifying every single “in-the-wild” malware without interruption since 2003.

Endpoint Patch Management - Ivanti Neurons

DAST + IAST solution

Ivanti offers a range of advanced solutions for comprehensive cybersecurity and endpoint management. Their cloud-native patch management system prioritizes and applies patches based on active risk exposure, patch reliability, and device compliance. With Ivanti Endpoint Security, organizations can fortify their defenses against cyberattacks by utilizing a suite of integrated security tools. Ivanti’s automated patch management solutions, such as Patch for Endpoint Manager and Patch for Configuration Manager, ensure efficient and thorough protection across applications and systems. Additionally, Ivanti Neurons streamlines endpoint management through automated deployments and issue resolution. Lastly, Ivanti Zero Sign-On enhances security by eliminating passwords, reducing the risk of data breaches. Overall, Ivanti provides a holistic approach to security and management, safeguarding organizations from various threats.

Email & Browser Security

Email & Browser Security offers comprehensive protection for your online communications and browsing activities. With advanced encryption protocols and robust threat detection capabilities, it safeguards your emails from unauthorized access and defends against phishing attacks. Additionally, it enhances your browser’s security by blocking malicious websites and preventing data breaches, ensuring a safer and more secure online experience.

Email Security - Mimecast

Email Security

Mimecast’s email security, archiving, and continuity cloud services provide comprehensive protection for business email while effectively managing email risks. By integrating all these features into one subscription-based service, Mimecast simplifies the process and reduces the associated risks, complexities, and costs of securing email communications.

Mimecast, recognized as a multi-year Gartner Leader in Archiving and Security, offers a range of products such as Targeted Threat Protection, Secure Messaging, Data Leak Prevention, Large File Send, and Signature & Disclaimer Management to enhance email gateways and ensures robust email security services in the UAE.

DMARC - EmailAuth

Email Security Services | EmailAuth

EmailAuth is the easiest uplift in cybersecurity that a company can implement to monitor & block phishing and increase mail deliverability.

EmailAuth offers a range of benefits that enhance email security and communication efficiency. By blocking phishing and spam, it ensures legitimate emails reach recipients, safeguards against data breaches, and fosters proactive sender behavior. It also blocks fraudulent messages, improves relationships with ISPs and customers, and provides valuable feedback for identifying potential threats.

Browser isolation and protection - Conceal

Browser isolation and protection

Conceal is a lightweight browser extension that converts any browser into a ZeroTrust, secure browser stopping ransomware and credential theft that bypass other security controls. Deployed in minutes and seamless to the user, Conceal protects your employees where it matters most, at the browser.

Email Security -SpamTitan

SpamTitan email protection solutions provide advanced yet easy-to-use email protection for your business. It is a powerful anti-spam service that protects your business by blocking spam, phishing, spoofing, zero-day attacks, and malware from your emails.

Endpoint/ Email Security - Checkpoint

advanced cyber security solutions Dubai

In the realm of cybersecurity, conventional antivirus solutions prove inadequate, exposing organizations to potential breaches due to hackers’ ability to swiftly modify their attacks in real-time. To effectively safeguard against both familiar and novel threats at the workstation level, the adoption of advanced security measures becomes imperative. Checkpoint presents a comprehensive workstation protection system that not only minimizes the attack surface but also encompasses proactive prevention, early detection of suspicious activities, prompt threat blocking, and effective mitigation of impacts. Additionally, the solution facilitates in-depth investigations and comprehensive reporting for comprehensive security management.

Email Security Services

Human Risk Management

Human Risk Management is a comprehensive and innovative approach to mitigating human-related risks within organizations. Leveraging advanced technology and strategic methodologies, it enables businesses to identify, assess, and address potential risks stemming from human behavior, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for employees and stakeholders.

Human Risk Management

Security Awareness - ThriveDX

ThriveDX offers a convenient and streamlined approach to protecting both your workforce and your company. Our all-in-one solutions cater to your requirements for targeted phishing cyber awareness, application security training, and advanced technology skill development. With our comprehensive offerings, safeguarding your people and business becomes easier than ever before.

Cyber Security Training - HumanFirewall

Cyber Security Training - HumanFirewall

With Human Firewall, employee-powered security organizations can use Phishing simulation across the organization to train & profile user behavior, leveraging Unique Teachable Moments (IJTM) and Gamified approach.

Features include – a customized reporter button for Outlook, Lotus, GSuite, and all common mail platforms including standard web browsers.


MSS, SIEM & SOAR empower organizations to effectively manage and secure their digital environment. This comprehensive solution combines Managed Security Services (MSS), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) capabilities, ensuring proactive threat detection, rapid incident response, and streamlined security operations.

XDR - Secureworks

Threat Detection

Secureworks Taegis ManagedXDR scales your security operations with a 24×7 threat detection and response unit that works to detect advanced threats and take appropriate action. Secureworks’ threat hunting and incident response capabilities help you scale your security operations and improve your security posture with threat data collected from thousands of customers.

SOAR - Defensys

Cybersecurity Products Ecosystem

Defensys is a Singapore-based cyber security solutions vendor offering a complete product ecosystem to combat modern cyber threats globally. The core solution, SGRC, ensures centralized cyber security management and automates risk assessment. Other products include ACP for data aggregation, SOAR for incident management, TIP for threat intelligence, SENSE for behavioral analytics, and TDP for proactive cyberattack prevention. These integrated technologies automate cybersecurity processes, optimize resource allocation, and provide valuable metrics and reports.

SIEM & TIP - Cybot

cyber security management Dubai

CYBOT™ is ActiveBytes Innovation’s most advanced Security Management Platform designed to help organizations to uncover anomalies, unusual patterns, and other traces of attackers across their servers, networks, and endpoints.


OT/IoT Security

OT/IoT Security is a comprehensive and cutting-edge cybersecurity offering designed to safeguard operational technology and Internet of Things (IoT) environments. It employs advanced technologies and strategies to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities, protect critical assets, and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data.

OT and IoT cybersecurity solutions

OT Security - Sectrio

OT Security

Sectrio provides state-of-the-art OT and IoT cybersecurity solutions to protect converged networks, detect malicious activities, and respond swiftly to threats. Their superior threat intelligence originates from honeypots, while passive and active scanning ensures comprehensive network visibility. The platform offers built-in micro-segmentation, deployable with zero downtime, and supports multiple deployment models like cloud, containers, or on-premise hardware for added flexibility. Sectrio’s agentless and non-intrusive approach, coupled with scalable business models, makes it a versatile and powerful cybersecurity solution.

IoT- Checkpoint

advanced cyber security solutions Dubai

Check Point Infinity architecture delivers consolidated Gen V cyber security across networks, cloud, and mobile environments. Mobile working offers productivity benefits, but reliable and modern workstation protection is essential to safeguard against ever-evolving cyber threats. Traditional antivirus solutions are limited, leaving organizations vulnerable to real-time attack modifications by hackers. Advanced security measures are now necessary to prevent both known and unknown attacks at the workstation level.

Network Security

Network Security is designed to protect your organization’s digital infrastructure. Our comprehensive suite of advanced security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption protocols, ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your network.

Network Patch Management - Ivanti Neurons

DAST + IAST solution

Ivanti offers a range of advanced solutions for comprehensive cybersecurity and endpoint management. Their cloud-native patch management system prioritizes and applies patches based on active risk exposure, patch reliability, and device compliance. With Ivanti Endpoint Security, organizations can fortify their defenses against cyberattacks by utilizing a suite of integrated security tools. Ivanti’s automated patch management solutions, such as Patch for Endpoint Manager and Patch for Configuration Manager, ensure efficient and thorough protection across applications and systems. Additionally, Ivanti Neurons streamlines endpoint management through automated deployments and issue resolution. Lastly, Ivanti Zero Sign-On enhances security by eliminating passwords, reducing the risk of data breaches. Overall, Ivanti provides a holistic approach to security and management, safeguarding organizations from various threats.

ZTNA/ CASB - Lookout


Lookout ZTNA offers secure and seamless app connectivity across data centers, public clouds, and hybrid environments while ensuring data protection. It grants users access only to the necessary apps, continuously monitoring their identity and risk levels for access control. Along with ZTNA, Lookout Security Platform encompasses CASB integration, IAM, EMM, and EDR capabilities, forming a robust foundation for the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

DDOS - Radware

cloud computing security

Radware OOOSAttack Mitigation System protects online businesses, data centers, and service providers and can ensure the security of their online presence and maintain productivity.

Network Security

Access Management

Access Management is a comprehensive tool that ensures efficient and secure control over user access to digital resources. With robust authentication and authorization features, it simplifies user provisioning, enhances data security, and streamlines access management processes, empowering organizations to protect their valuable assets effectively.

Access Management



ARCON PAM suite helps in mitigating insider and advanced cyber threats by providing alerts, analytics, and monitoring of privileged users in real time. The solution can be deployed on-prem and is also available on-cloud.

Secure Remote Access - Accops

Digital Workplace Security

For enterprises trying to solve remote access challenges, workspace virtualization is the technology that completes the puzzle. Accops Workspace Virtualization is the missing puzzle piece that enables enterprises to work from home without compromising on security.

Accops’ Remote Desktop-based solution options include ‘Office PC Access From Home’ and ‘Virtual Apps/Desktops Access’, helping organizations set up work from home infrastructure and keep their operations running.

MFA - SecureEnvoy

With SecurEnvoy’s tokenless multi-factor authentication, you identify people, not devices. That means employees can use whatever device they like to confirm their identity, whether that’s a desktop PC the latest wearable, or their personal smartphone.

As pioneers in the development of Tokenless® authentication, SecurEnvoy has enabled over 1,000 organizations across the world to bolster their identity and access management security safeguards with innovative and easy-to-deploy authentication solutions, which maximize the value of a customer’s existing technology infrastructure and enable a user to authenticate at any time and anywhere.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management offers comprehensive protection against potential security threats. With advanced scanning capabilities and real-time monitoring, it helps businesses identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their systems, networks, and applications.

Vulnerability Scanner - Qualys

Vulnerability Scanner

Cyber risk is a business risk – with risks growing faster than what traditional VM and SIEM tools can manage. Security and IT teams need a new approach to tackle cyber threats with a clear understanding of cybersecurity risk and automate workflows for rapid response. With Vulnerability Management Detection Response (VMDR), enterprises are empowered with visibility and insight into cyber risk exposure – making it easy to prioritize vulnerabilities, assets, or groups of assets based on business risk. Security teams can take action to mitigate risk, helping the business measure its true risk, and track risk reduction over time.

RBVM -Ivanti Risk Sence

Evolve your vulnerability management strategy to a risk-based approach. Ivanti Neurons for RBVM enables you to prioritize the vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to better protect against ransomware and other cyber threats.

IAM - Issquared

Simplify and streamline identity and access processes, from administration to governance. ISSQUARED® provides a comprehensive suite of Identity and Access Management solutions to enable improved governance of security management while streamlining operations on a business-centric approach.

VMaas - Securin

Vulnerability Management as a Service provides vulnerability scanning, integrated threat contextualization, business criticality, and risk escalation for exposures and threats actively trending in the wild. Our security experts perform full-stack scanning from infrastructure to web applications and help organizations to quickly identify and prioritize Vulnerabilities based on weaponization. CSW will become your extended security force and will work with your team to improve your organization’s security posture, brand reputation and reduce your security debt.

Vulnerability Management

Threat Intelligence & Monitoring

Threat Intelligence & Monitoring is a comprehensive cybersecurity offering designed to proactively identify and mitigate potential threats. By leveraging advanced monitoring techniques and utilizing intelligence-driven analytics, it provides organizations with real-time threat detection and actionable insights, enabling them to protect their digital assets and stay one step ahead of cyberattacks.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Cyber Risk Analytics, Security Rating & TPRM - Bitsight

Cyber-Risk Management

BitSight transforms how companies manage third and fourth-party risk, underwrite cyber insurance policies, benchmark security performance, and assess aggregate risk with objective, verifiable, and actionable Cyber-Risk Management Solutions.

Much like credit ratings, BitSight Cyber-Risk Management Ratings are generated through the analysis of externally observable data. It provides an independent, objective view of a company’s security posture. The information will allow you to Benchmark your company, quantify the cyber risk, measure the impact of risk mitigation efforts, and benchmark performance against industry peers.

Threat Intelligence and Analysis - iZoologic

The iZOOlogic Platform is essentially data mining the internet and dark web for client-specific cyber threats. The platform monitors millions of data points such as messaging spam, compromised websites, servers and IPs, IoCs, malicious files and malware, Domain and DNS data, threats across the social and mobile networks, and more, to form a deep set of contextual data. Enriched data will provide intelligence of phishing campaigns, malware, Botnets, Spamming Sources, and Domain spoofing, and help detect other cybercrimes such as Business Email Compromise attacks, spear phishing, phishing spam, network malware – and will act as a proactive and first line of defense.

Attack Surface Management - Securin

Vulnerability Management as a Service provides

Securin’s ASM platform performs continuous reconnaissance of your attack surface and provides near real-time alerts on threats to critical business systems. This gives you an unparalleled perspective of how attackers view your organization and possible security gaps.

Their continuous discovery provides continuous visibility into your true attack surface for the proactive mitigation of critical exposures before they are exploited. Our ASM covers a large spectrum of asset classes and discovers internal, external, cloud, containers, APIs, SaaS and web applications.
Securin ASM brings appropriate threat context to exposures, prioritizes assets based on criticality to the business, and helps your team spend their valuable time on remediation.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics offers comprehensive and cutting-edge tools and techniques to uncover and analyze digital evidence, ensuring the integrity and security of digital information. From data recovery to cybercrime investigations, their solution provides advanced forensic capabilities to effectively investigate and resolve digital incidents, aiding in legal proceedings and protecting organizations from potential threats.

Digital Forensics & incident response (DFIR) - Binalyse

Binalyze is at the forefront of DFIR solutions, being a leader and innovator in the field. Acknowledging that attaining 100% breach prevention is no longer practical, organizations are adopting a new approach by blending traditional cybersecurity strategies with cyber resilience. This shift ensures that when a breach occurs, the organization possesses the necessary tactical tools for a swift and efficient incident response. DFIR is rapidly evolving to become faster, remote, integrated, and scalable across corporate networks, with a greater emphasis on forensic readiness within the security framework.

Digital Forensic Services

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