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Current State Assessment

Mitigating threats before they become attacks

“Assessing Your Security Posture: Benchmarking Against Best Practices and Mitigating Risks”

Current State Security assessment is performed to identify the Client’s Information Security Current State compared against good practices and industry standards and to define the maturity ratings and risk ratings for each of domain areas identified as part of scoping.

Our Information Security Assessment Services Methodology:
  • Conducting interviews/meetings with Client’s stakeholders to understand their current information security practices and planned initiatives.
  • Performing an analysis of key Information Security documentation, including policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines.
  • Assessing Client’s Information Security Current State against good practices and industry standards.
  • Utilizing our in-house developed Security Framework, which aligns to industry standards, including ISO/IEC 27001.
  • Measuring against the UAE information security standards like UAE-IAS (Nesa/Sia) and DG-ISR.

The assessments will be done on, but not limited to the following domains


cyber security assessment services
Application Security
current state assessment Dubai
network infrastructure
control and configuration of all security solutions
current state assessment security
vulnerability analysis and threat analysis
current state assessment access control
cloud and network architecture review
Current State Assessment Code Review
Current State Assessment Services
Information Security Assessment

Our Current State Gap Assessment Methodology utilizes below framework

Current State Gap Assessment Methodology
Current State Gap Assessment

Empowering Your Risk Management with Industry-Standard Methodology

Let’s connect and elevate your information security with a tailored assessment.