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Stay Ahead of Regulations, Ensure Cyber Resilience

Financial Security Standards

SAMA: Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority

Driving compliance excellence in the financial sector

The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) is spearheading the enhancement of Cyber Resilience by embracing industry-leading practices, standards, and frameworks. In this pursuit, SAMA has developed the robust SAMA Cyber Security Framework. As part of their mandate, SAMA requires entities across all sectors to adhere to the Cyber Security Framework, ensuring they meet the minimum security compliance requirements. By doing so, organizations can effectively manage and withstand the ever-evolving cyber security threats.

GreenMethod empowers organizations to enhance their Cyber Resilience through the effective implementation of the SAMA Cyber Security Framework.

SAMA Cyber security
SAMA CSF Risk Treatment
SAMA Compliance
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SAMA Security services

NCA: National Cybersecurity Authority

Navigating cybersecurity regulations with ease: empowering compliance & resilience

The National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) is a government agency responsible for the cybersecurity strategy and initiatives in Saudi Arabia. Its primary objective is to protect the country’s critical information infrastructure and enhance cybersecurity capabilities across various sectors.

GreenMethod offers comprehensive NCA compliance services, enabling organizations to meet the cybersecurity standards set forth by the authority.

Regulatory Framework Development

This phase involves collaborating with relevant stakeholders to develop comprehensive frameworks that address emerging threats and align with international cybersecurity standards.

Assessment and Analysis

This phase involves analyzing potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks faced by the nation’s critical infrastructure, industries, and government entities.

Education and Awareness

They launch campaigns and awareness programs to enhance cyber literacy, promote responsible digital behavior, and educate users on potential risks and mitigation strategies.

Compliance and Enforcement

They monitor adherence to cybersecurity guidelines, conduct audits, and enforce penalties or corrective actions for non-compliance. Regular assessments and inspections help maintain a robust cybersecurity posture within the country.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

They regularly update regulations, policies, and guidelines to address new threats and incorporate technological advancements. The NCA encourages feedback from stakeholders and conducts periodic evaluations to improve the overall cybersecurity framework.

SAMA: Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
Collaboration and Partnerships

They establish partnerships with government agencies, industry associations, research institutions, and international cybersecurity organizations to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and enhance collective cyber resilience.

Incident Response and Threat Intelligence

This phase involves developing a centralized platform for collecting, analyzing, and sharing threat intelligence. The NCA collaborates with other national and international cybersecurity entities to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats and attacks.

ECC: Essential Cybersecurity Controls

Foundation for cyber protection

The Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC-1: 2018) framework developed by the National Cybersecurity Authority of KSA sets minimum cybersecurity requirements for organizations, including private sector organizations owning, operating or hosting Critical National Infrastructures.

GreenMethod provides tailored compliance services to help businesses align with ECC requirements, foster consumer trust, and safeguard their online transactions.

ECC: Essential Cybersecurity Controls

ECC Domains

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