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Augmentation Overview

Scale Ahead With Skilled Potential

At Green Method, we work as an extension of your in-house team, augmenting the information security skill of your organization. We work with you to help you scale faster when the need arises. So if scaling faster is an issue, you now know where the solution lies.

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Details Of The Way It Works

The How

  • Vendors support with skilled technical resources, bolstering in-house information security team’s capability – as per short-term/long-term needs.
  • Resources are vendor employed, and hence, responsibilities to and costs of full-time hires are eliminated.
  • However, staff support is dedicated to one project at a time.

The Green Method Augmentation Role

Specific Skillset Ensuring Accelerated

With us, you are turning to an ideal way that gives you access to a specialized workforce that can fully dedicate its time to information security projects. In other words, we are a firm that allows you the capabilities to quickly ramp-up your resources with a specific skill set. Ultimately, you can deploy them on a particular project that needs to be completed in a stipulated time.

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