Veracode provides automated static and dynamic application security testing software and remediation services. Veracode scans binary code and produce a prioritized report of flaws. We then work with your developers to fix the flaws using the Veracode UI (or your existing IDE) in accordance to your risk management policies.

BitSight Security Ratings are a measurement of any organization’s security performance. Much like credit ratings, BitSight Security Ratings are generated through the analysis of externally observable data. It provides an independent, objective view of a company’s security posture. The information will allow you to Benchmark your company.


M. Kuppuswamy PSG & Co (‘MKPSG’) is a public accounting company based out of Chennai, India. MKPSG services clients globally. MKPSG has a professional standing of over forty years with twenty Public Accountants having offices in New Jersey, USA and in Chennai and New Delhi, India.

MKPSG carries wide experience in compliance and risk advisory. MKPSG’s experience spans across all major industries and sector including banking, insurance, manufacturing sector, service providers and software companies.


NetSentries is a dedicated Cyber Security start up committed to make the cyber world a better place to do business and carry out operational critical activities. NetSentries takes a comprehensive approach to help our customers implement required risk mitigation strategies, tools, policies and systems from planning through prevention, detection and protection to recovery. Their future ready solutions and research are set to revolutionize the way businesses view Cyber Security and will have a profound impact on protecting Internet of Things (IoT) and Business Critical Industrial Control Systems.


we45 is a focused and high end Information Security Testing, Consulting and Training firm headquartered at Bangalore, India with operations across India, the Middle East and Africa. True to their name (we”fortify”) and with a winning combination of a strong technology expertise combined with a thorough understanding of organizational IT Risk, we45 has helped organizations across business verticals in strengthening their Data Security and Compliance landscape.


Founded in 1978 in Salalah, Governorate of Dhofar, Baabood LLC has grown into a multi-faceted service provider. Baabood LLC has the capability to supply a wide variety of computer hardware, software, network solutions, consumer electronics, electro-mechanical projects and electrical parts trading.