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Re-configure Customer Database For Faster Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation

Upholding the protection of personal data with our GDPR consultants

GDPR is the most authoritative privacy regulation that affects global organizations. It makes the entities responsible for the privacy and security of personal information. GDPR Compliance Services in Dubai focus on the concept of upholding individual rights while processing personal data. The regulation also implements a hefty penalty in case of non-compliance – a maximum fine of 4% of global turnover directly impacting organizational profitability. The associated loss of reputation and shareholder value would increase the residual risk that organizations need to manage. Hence GDPR compliance Consulting Services is a must-have for your operational procedure.

Framework for GDPR Compliance

  • GDPR Gap Assessment
  • Global Privacy Impact assessment
  • GDPR Technology Impact assessment
  • Data discovery & Mapping
Gap Assessment
  • GDPR Compliance roadmap
  • Privacy program development
  • Technology upgrades
  • Privacy by Design
  • GDPR policies & reference architecture
  • Implement and execute policies, processes, and technologies
  • Implement Privacy controls
  • Implement security Controls
  • Data Privacy Operators
  • Data Lifecycle management
  • Data access & use monitoring
  • Management reporting services
  • Data security management
  • GDPR Compliance audits
  • Regular Security testing to detect weaknesses earl
  • Incident response tests
  • 3rd Party Risk Assessments & Audits

The GDPR Guide

Upholding the protection of personal data

Identify & Classify Personal Data

Identifying the personal data in all the organizational workflows are critical to defining the GDPR compliance strategy for your organization.

GDPR Policies & Procedures

We will develop policies, procedures, standards, forms, and agreements that meet the GDPR compliance requirements.

GDPR Gap Assessment

A GDPR readiness assessment helps you identify the gaps in the current state and the action items for compliance.

GDPR Consulting Service

Expert GDPR Consultants in Dubai help you in remediating the GDPR Compliance gaps by providing advisory service on compliance adherence.

GDPR Impact Assessment

Identify the impact of GDPR compliance gaps to your organization and investment priorities for remediation.

DPO as a Service

With Data Privacy Officer as a Service, we help you appoint specialist privacy professionals at affordable costs.

Assess & Address the Gaps in GDPR Compliance