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Cyber Threat Intelligence and Monitoring Service

Get real-time visibility into the latest cyber threats

Harness Threat Intel Monitoring Expertise to Secure the Digital Frontier

In the rapidly evolving cyber landscape, staying ahead of threats is not just about protection—it’s about resilience. Green Method Technologies offers sophisticated Threat Intelligence & Monitoring services designed to proactively identify and neutralize cyber threats before they impact your business. Our approach combines real-time threat detection, advanced analytics, and comprehensive monitoring to safeguard your digital assets and maintain operational continuity.

What are the benefits of Green Method Threat Intelligence & Monitoring solutions?
  • Green Method uses robust scanners to find security flaws in systems, networks, and software, identifying vulnerabilities and configuration issues.
  • Adopt a five-step appsec approach: discovery, prioritization, remediation, validation, and reporting, to manage vulnerabilities effectively.
  • Get targeted application security testing on web applications to uncover vulnerabilities not detected by automated scans.
  •  Leverage comprehensive and contextual approach to vulnerability management, ensuring solutions are integrated into a broader security strategy.
  • Green Method’s appsec solutions are seamlessly integrated with the organization’s existing IT and cybersecurity frameworks for optimal security.
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  • Choosing Green Method Technologies means partnering with a leader in cyber threat intelligence and monitoring. Our expert team is dedicated to providing a security service that not only reacts to the current threat environment but anticipates future challenges. With Green Method Technologies, you gain the clarity and control needed to navigate the complexities of cyber threats confidently. Our highly tailored services are designed to proactively identify and mitigate potential threats by leveraging advanced monitoring techniques and intelligence-driven analytics.

Some of the key cyber threats that TI services can help prioritize

Threat intelligence monitoring  to enhance security posture

Malware Attacks

Beyond ransomware, other forms of malware including spyware, worms, and Trojans pose significant threats. Threat intelligence services track new malware strains and their behaviors, helping organizations to update their defenses.


Threat intelligence services can alert organizations about new ransomware campaigns, tactics, and vulnerabilities that ransomware might exploit.

Insider Threats

Such threats can be intentional or accidental. Threat intelligence can help identify suspicious behavior patterns and security anomalies that might indicate insider threats.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

TI services can offer insights into the TTPs used by these threat actors, helping organizations to detect and respond to such threats more effectively.

DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service attacks flood systems, servers, or networks with traffic to overwhelm resources and render them unavailable. Threat intelligence can provide early warnings about impending DDoS attacks, often detected through chatter on dark web forums or anomaly detection in network traffic.

Zero-Day Exploits

With proactive Threat intelligence monitoring, you can alert organizations to such exploits being used in the wild, providing them with a chance to mitigate the risks before a patch becomes available

Stay Secure & Resilient in the Face of Cyberattacks

Simplify threat intelligence management with Green Method security professionals

Trusted application security as a service for hybrid cloud and multicloud environments

  • Real-Time Threat Detection continuously scan various data sources, including the dark web, social media, and cybersecurity research feeds, to detect emerging threats. This real-time monitoring helps organizations identify potential threats as they develop, allowing for quicker response times
  • Contextual Analysis of Threats not only detect threats but also provide contextual information about them. This includes the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by threat actors, as well as indicators of compromise (IoCs).
  • Enhanced Incident Response by integrating threat intelligence into security systems and incident response plans, organizations can improve their ability to respond to threats.
  • Proactive Security Posture enables organizations to adopt a proactive security approach. By understanding potential threats before they manifest, organizations can patch vulnerabilities, strengthen their defenses, and avoid attacks.
  • Automated Threat Intelligence Integration automates the process of collecting, analyzing, and integrating threat data into security systems.
  • Collaborative Defense encourages and facilitates the sharing of intelligence among organizations. Sharing threat data helps all participants gain a broader understanding of the threat landscape and respond more effectively to common threats.

Rapidly scale application security and compliance operations

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Most comprehensive and actionable threat intelligence and monitoring services

Why Choose Green Method Technologies End-to-End Threat INTelligence?

Core Features of Green Method Technologies Threat Intelligence & Monitoring

Monitoring of threat data feeds

We monitor various threat data feeds from open source intelligence (OSINT), dark web sources, security research firms, government agencies, etc. to gather real-time information on emerging cyber threats, new malware strains, vulnerability disclosures, threat actor activities, and more.

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Threat data analysis

The gathered threat data is analyzed by our security analysts and threat researchers to provide context, understand tactics/techniques used by threat actors, assess risks and potential impacts specific to the client’s environment.

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Tailored threat intelligence reports

Based on the analysis, we provide customized threat intelligence reports and alerts highlighting the most relevant threats, indicators of compromise (IoCs), recommended mitigation steps, etc. tailored to the client’s industry, technology stack, and risk profile.

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Threat monitoring and detection

We use the threat intelligence data to configure security tools and systems for monitoring and detecting potential threat activity targeting the client’s networks, endpoints, cloud assets, etc. This includes monitoring for known IoCs, suspicious traffic patterns, anomalous behaviors, etc.

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Dark web monitoring

We actively monitor dark web sites, forums, marketplaces to identify if any of the client’s data, credentials or other sensitive information is being traded or discussed by cyber criminals. This provides early warning of potential breaches.

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Brand/digital risk monitoring

We monitor online sources like social media, code repositories, paste sites etc. for any references to the client’s brand, employees, infrastructure that could indicate risks like hacktivism, impersonation, etc.

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