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Identity Established

Who We Are Inside The CyRe-sphere

Cyber Security Consulting, Testing, Training & Augmentation – these define what Green Method is today. But, before that, before our steps into the hypothetical world of (Sphere of Cyber Resilience) CyRe-sphere, comes what we are at our core. Green Method Enterprises is a business and technology consulting firm that enables companies to achieve world-class business performance levels and realize a greater return from their technology investments.

To deliver to our customers the guidance, toolsets, and skills that allow them to drive value from investments, we continue to forge partnerships with world-class and proven solution providers. It has provided customers the edge and trust when they approach Green Method as a strategic Technology and Services Consultant, who will provide them the Studio Model Delivery.

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Our Origin Story

Incorporated From The Pages Of Green Method Holdings

Green Method Enterprises was formed as the technology arm of Green Method Holdings to provide world-class services and solutions in the Middle East and North Africa. Green Method Holding is a strategic advisory firm catering to several niche areas like green technology, environmental risk management, and strategizing business with environmental responsibility.

As Green Method and with our associate companies, we are aligned with the values and principles of our parent organization. We always strive to adopt technologies and solutions, enabling customers to be more socially responsible by reducing wastages and saving resources. In this process, we have been involved in building frameworks for the customers to bring in environmental considerations into their business strategies.