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A Multinational It Company With Branches In UAE, EGYPT, USA, CANADA & QATAR

For the Company, certification accreditation to ISO 20000 plays a central role in having the competitive edge clearly identifiable by the ISO Certificate. In ISO 20000, the idea of quality and costs plays a central role:

“At IT Service Management Accreditation to ISO 20000 brings about improving IT processes, documenting and then avoiding nonconformities, preventing double work and optimally observing agreements with customers. This enables increase in efficiency and improvement of quality.

Green Method Approach

Green Method perceives ISO 20000 as a tool for integrating processes conforming to ITIL in an ISO based management system.

While ITIL is a collection of best practices, the ISO 20000 Standard summarizes the key requirements placed on a professional IT Service Management System in a focused manner. By focusing on the key requirements for the individual processes, important influencing factors, such as company size, service offer or customer structure, can definitely be considered when designing the service management system.

Green Method followed a phased approach of the processes piloting in one country and rolling out throughout the organization in all the countries.

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