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The Circle Of Trust For 360 Degree Cyber Resiliency

Converging the latest cyber security services, testing practices, and security advisory capability, we stand as the premier cybersecurity firm for ensuring Complete Cyber Resiliency and their digital future in the GCC & Asia region.

Cyber Security Company
Cyber Security Company In Dubai

Meet Green Method

Cyber Security Company
For Advanced Solutions
& Threat Management

Decade-plus of experience into cyber security consulting, robust testing practices, training, and augmentation makes us the ‘go-to-cybersecurity-partner’ in the Gulf. One of the Best Cyber Security Company In UAE, we leverage our service delivery framework and industry-leading partner solutions to securely navigate every step in the region’s cyber security landscape.

Years of expertise in cyber security services, compliances, testing, and training.
Digital Journeys secured
Strategic partnerships with world leading security vendors

Circle of Trust for Cyber Resiliency of 750+ businesses worldwide

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Testing To Compliances –
Milestones To Map Your Secured Future

Being the leading cyber security company in Dubai, our expertise and security offerings help build cyber resilience and immunity against advanced threats. We deliver Compliance Services, Security Assessments, diverse Security Solutions, Managed Services and Security Experts – we converge it all to secure your Digital Transformation Journey.

cyber security services

PCI-DSS Compliance

Handling cardholder data or supporting other entities with the same? Your business needs to be PCI Certified to protect sensitive cardholder information. Explore how the best cyber security firm in Dubai helps enterprises be compliant-ready within the prescribed deadline.

cyber security services Dubai

Application Security

IT Applications are the backbone of your enterprise. Green Method, the best cyber security company in UAE, assesses application health with manual and automated vulnerability checks and penetration testing, reporting the impact on Processes, Technology, and People.

Cyber Security Solutions In UAE

Cyber Security Solutions

We go beyond cyber security consulting, delivering proven cyber security services from the leading providers, establishing a threat monitoring system, and securing multiple aspects of business processes – communication to application security.

cyber security consulting


Effective implementation of security controls as per standard practices to protect data and prevent its unauthorized usage.

cyber security testing


Meticulous assessment to ensure application and network health and reliability for better value against IT investments.

staff augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Guiding and supporting teams on information security, secured application development. Preparing them for better threat management.

Managed cyber security services

Managed Services

Rapidly analyze, prioritize, and address threats while ensuring the protection of your data, individuals, and operational procedures.

Green Method

Always striving to make infosec effective

Microsoft Certified


Cyber Resilient

Green Method Cyber Resilience

Awesome Team


Unrivaled Quality


Focus On Solution Expertise

Furthered By The Leaders In Every Aspect Of Security

Application Security
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Cyber-Risk Management
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API Security
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Secure File Transfers
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Vulnerability Scanner
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Threat Detection
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OT Security
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Email Security
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Cybersecurity Products Ecosystem
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Data Discovery & Security
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Cybersecurity Asset Management
Cybersecurity Asset Management
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Email Authentication
Email Security Services | EmailAuth
Employee Powered Security
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cyber threat intelligence
Comprehensive Cybersecurity & Data Governance
Comprehensive Cybersecurity & Data Governance
Multifactor Authentication Solution (MFA)
Multifactor Authentication Solution
Digital Workplace Security
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Complete Data Security
Complete Data Security
Cyber Security Services | ESET
Browser isolation and protection
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Cloud Computing Security
data security in cloud computing

Cyber Resilience In Industries

Multiple Sectors Onwards > Secured

Banking & Insurance

Ensuring PCI DSS and mandated compliances for banks besides supporting payments and operational security.


The GRC consulting and cyber security advisory of leading corporations and government bodies in the GCC.


Helping software engineering companies to validate product security during prototyping and development, and more.

Delivering Value – Best Cyber Security Company in Dubai

Unparalleled Cyber Defense – Evolving Every Day

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