Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test

Green Method’s testing framework is intended to provide an independent, point-in-time, assessment of organization’s key systems and infrastructure’s overall security posture. To do this, Green Method’s penetration tests provide a view of risk from the perspective of a malicious actor. This testing is also used to identify ways that technical risk can translate into business risk. Security is an important consideration for all organizations today. The growing threat landscape has consistently shown that organizations must own their information assets and ensure that they are resistant to cyber security breaches. Security breaches occur when external or internal threat agents are successfully able to identify and exploit inherent vulnerabilities in an organizations infrastructure and allied processes.

Vulnerability assessment is a specialized assessment that aims at delving into the organizations technology landscape in order to identify security vulnerabilities that may be exploited by determined attackers

Protecting your organization against internal and external security threats is an ongoing and demanding task Security risks continue to grow in variety and complexity, and cyber criminals are developing even more sophisticated system penetration techniques
Green Method understands the need to be agile, introduce new systems, technologies and ways of working to be competitive and improve efficiency Helps our clients to stay one step ahead of potential attackers, enabling their critical systems to grow with their business, without lowering the defences

 Green Method’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

services includes:

  • Infrastructure Penetration Testing Services
  • Wireless Network Penetration Testing Services
  • Web Application Penetration Testing Services
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing Services
  • Physical Device (PoS, ATM ICS, IoT) Penetration Testing Services
  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing Services
  • Data Exfiltration Penetration Testing Services