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The Training Programs Listed In CyRe-sphere

Certified Payment Card Security Architect (CPCSA)

Adapted to address the Customer PCI landscape, its evolution, requirements, and unique challenges.

*The certification program is an independent program and we are not an affiliate of PCI-SSC. This program is not endorsed by PCI-SSC.

Enterprise Security 101


Our flagship Information Security orientation program is purposed for IT Managers and IT Infrastructure core team members. The 2-day program sets the context across Enterprise Security basics, orienting the audience towards implementing baseline standards across Network and Host Level security controls.







Secure Mobile Application Development

The Program

C-WASP is a 2-day Certified Workshop on Core Application Security principles for application developers. Aimed at the Product Developers, Architects, Program Managers, and Testers. C-WASP aims to equip the trainees with platform and technology agnostic remediation strategies against application security vulnerabilities.

In addition to the updated concepts of OWASP Top 10 – 2013, the workshop is replete with real-world case studies, demonstrations, and hands on exercises. The modules are designed to drive home the concept of building applications securely – irrespective of technology and platform.

The Program

CMASP is a 2-Day workshop aimed at Mobile Application Developers (Android and iOS), Architects, and Program Managers who are directly involved in the design, development, and/or maintenance (enhancements) of applications and products on the Android platform.

The course aims to set concepts and practices of Secure Development that should be taken into consideration during the product development lifecycle of Android-based applications.

Information Security Awareness

The Program

The Security Awareness Program provides an overview of Information Security to the trainee, with the help of stories and case studies. Offering more hands-on and practical know-how, the Security Awareness Program differs from the conventional awareness sessions that the world is used to. Replete with case studies from the current year and transacted in a mode that would keep the audience engaged throughout, this half-day security workshop would definitely drive home the essentials of a baseline, yet powerful “Business As Usual” Security Knowledge.

Risk & Compliance

The Program

The Enterprise Risk and Compliance workshop is a 2-day Certifiable Program that covers a wide array of Information Security topics. The program has been designed to ensure that managers are equipped with the basic understanding and knowledge of Organizational Risk and Mitigation strategies. This will arm them with the knowledge they can readily use in their workplace, defining and maintaining a strong Enterprise Security Framework.

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