Security Operation Center (SOC )

Security Operations Center (SOC) is an organized and highly skilled team whose mission is to continuously monitor and improve an organization’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cyber security incidents with the aid of both technology and well-defined processes and procedures.

Designed to

  • Protect Mission Critical Data
  • Respond to Cyber Emergencies
  • Fortify Business Infrastructure

Responsible for

  • Monitoring, analyzing, correlating and responding to events
  • Assist in crisis operations
  • Conduct Incident management and Forensics

Green Method offers an array of services under its ITSM offerings:

  • ITSM Assessment and Strategy
  • Asset Management Consulting
  • Service Catalog Consulting
  • Knowledge Management Consulting
  • Change and Configuration Management Consulting
  • Client Automation Consulting
  • Server Automation Consulting
  • Technology Services in IT Automation
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Prioritize IT improvements for greatest business impact
  • Bring focus to your ITSM/ITIL project
  • Build a convincing business case for ITSM/ITIL
  • Implement efficient supporting processes
  • Achieve ISO/IEC 20000 accreditation

Our services can be provided in a flexible way to align the needs of your organization. Contact us find out more about our strategic ITSM consulting services