Network Security

Vulnerability Assessment/ Penetration Testing

Green Method’s Vulnerability Assessment services help you identify the vulnerabilities which exist on the network as well as on hosts and network devices. We also determine the methods of mitigating the identified vulnerabilities. VA process covers network equipment like routers, switches, firewalls etc. and operating systems like Windows, Linux, Solaris and others. A penetration testing provides external view of security status, whereas the vulnerability assessment service uncovers internal security problems arising from insecure configurations, weak settings, non-compliance to the security policies etc. These vulnerabilities could lead to compromise from threats.

Our Penetration Testing services would proactively and repeatedly attempt to break into the organization’s network to assess their level of security posture and preparedness. We provide you with a hacker’s eye view of the system, and it enables you to identify security gaps that could be exploited by a remote attacker to compromise your system. We deploy the best in class penetration testing tools and techniques that are constantly updated to include all known threats and risks. We also deploy internally developed tools that helps us uncover vulnerabilities that escape the radar of commonly available ones.