Information Security Heath check

Most of us go to a diagnostic center at least once a year to get our health checked (hopefully). Any negative variations in our parameters, causes us to worry and may even leads to panic. Imagine if you never had your health checked and were suddenly hit by a massive negative event? This is scary. Extremely scary!!
What about your organization’s Security Health? Do you check it? How well?

If you’re answer to these questions is in doubt, then you might be in for a shock. Most organizations do not have consistent and regular ways to assess the health of their organization’s security practices. They do not get their Security Health diagnosed. Hence, they are always prone to a security disaster.

Green Method’s Information Security Health Check (iSHC) can be thought of as a “Diagnostic Test” for your Organization’s Security. We perform a multitude of tests to check your organization’s health. Parameters include Physical Security, Network Security, Application Security, Human Resource Security, processes, procedures and so on. Once we are done, we give you a detailed diagnostic report, with metrics and examples. Additionally, we also create detailed recommendations for your organization and create an Implementation Plan. Should you choose, we can also help you implement this plan and improve your organization’s security parameters overall.
Some of our largest clients swear by our iSHC. See how this can work for your organization.