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Ground Labs: Sensitive Data Discovery Software for Security Compliance

Criminals steal sensitive data for a living. Don’t let your company be the next victim of a data breach.

More than 2,500 companies use Ground Labs software to make sure there is no sensitive data hiding in unsafe locations such as documents, emails and databases. It’s an important part of PCI DSS compliance and helps you sleep better at night when there is no data to steal.

Ground Labs have the following solutions:

Card Recon
Card Recon

Card Recon is a PCI compliance software tool used to perform cardholder data discovery on almost any type of storage location

Card Recon will accurately scan files, network shares, emails, databases, memory, cloud storage and more to identify non-compliant storage of payment card numbers issued by major card schemes including American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Mastercard and Visa. When a scan is complete Card Recon provides a simple and easy to read PCI Compliance report for your bank or Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

Trusted in over 80 countries, Card Recon is the industry leading PCI DSS Software tool trusted by over 300 PCI QSAs as a reliable and effective way to establish assurance of compliant cardholder data (CHD) storage practices.

Data Recon
Data Recon

Data Recon is a sensitive data discovery tool to meet compliance standards for managing the private information of customers. Data Recon gives companies a full audit of any PII and other sensitive information held on systems including Social Security and Tax File Numbers, Medicare and Health Insurance Information, Personal details including Names, Addresses, Date of Birth, Phone Numbers, Emails and more. Data Recon can then secure this information using permanently delete and secure quarantining capabilities.

Enterprise Recon
Enterprise Recon

Enterprise Recon is a centralized DLP software solution to perform data discovery and monitoring of stored cardholder data (CHD) as part of PCI DSS security.

Enterprise Recon will search across your entire network and identify file, email and database locations storing sensitive card holder data. Enterprise Recon automates your PCI DSS compliance program and lowers compliance costs by reducing the effort required to maintain PCI compliance.

With an ability to centrally initiate audit of cardholder data storage and produce accurate PCI compliance reports, Enterprise Recon is the most advanced PCI DSS Software solution available for monitoring for cardholder data storage.

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