Ekran System is a comprehensive user activity monitoring software designed to track, identify, monitor and evaluate internal threats. This powerful monitoring system helps small and medium-sized businesses as well as big enterprises to keep their critical data, assets, and network infrastructure safe and secure by managing and regulating access of regular users, privileged users, remote users and vendors, third-party service providers, and more.

Ekran System helps businesses and organizations control and manage all user activity from a single, centralized platform. This enables them total control over information access and gives them a clear picture of all actions and activities of your Users. With a clear picture of who is using what device and what information is being accessed and processed, Ekran System users are able to detect anomalous actions and quickly address the matter long before these anomalies become serious threats.

We hope to have some time with you for a demonstration and presentation of the solution. Kindly let us know a suitable time to meet with you during the week.

Meanwhile, below are some key features of the tool for your reference:

–          Employee Activity Monitoring

–          Privileged User Monitoring

–          Third-Party Vendor Monitoring

–          Insider Threat Prevention

–          Security Incident Investigation

–          IT Compliance

–          Access Management

Ekran is easy to deploy and activate and comes within your budget.