Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Our daily financial needs would come to a standstill if these machines had not been invented. Ever since their launch in the late sixties in the United Kingdom, these machines have been vulnerable to physical attacks like burglary, card skimming, and so forth. Hackers utilize advanced tools and methods to tamper with these machines and attempt to bypass the protections in place.

Over the last few years, attacks on ATM machines around the world have exponentially increased. Malwares such as Trojan, Skimmer and Ploutus are becoming a major threat to financial institutions. As security measures incorporated by leading banks and ATM vendors evolve, attacks on ATM also shift up a gear, becoming more sophisticated day by day. Understanding of these advanced attack vectors and crimes have also become complicated and overwhelming.

ATM Security Assessment

ATM Security Assessment is an exhaustive analysis of your ATMs, designed to detect vulnerabilities that can be used by hackers for activities like executing unauthorized transactions, illegal cash withdrawal, acquiring your client’s payment card information, or instigating denial of service.  The security experts at Green Method will uncover any vulnerability in your ATM infrastructure. This will help you to plan further with the actions that are required to immediately fix the identified flaws and enhance your security. To protect your ATM network from potential threat actors, we have developed a series of hands-on vulnerability assessments that investigates your entire ATM environment.

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