Accops offers a compliant and secured work from home solution that enables the workforce to stay productive from their homes. 

Accops solution suite includes:

–          VDI solution

–          along with secure remote access, and

–          strong authentication features.

For enterprises trying to solve remote access challenges, workspace virtualization seems to be the exact technology that fills the missing piece in the puzzle. Accops Workspace Virtualization enables enterprises to work from home without compromising on security.

Accops offers compliant and secure work from home solutions that enable the workforce to stay productive from their homes. Accops’ Remote Desktop-based solution options include ‘Office PC Access From Home’ and ‘Virtual Apps/Desktops Access’ to help organizations set up work from home infrastructure and keep their operations running.

Accops solutions include the following benefits:

–          VAllow Access To Office PCs: Enable users to securely connect to their Office PCs using personal devices

–          Using VDI as part of BCP: Give instant access in a Zero Trust environment to enterprise data; business applications

–          Device Entry Control: Allow only approved devices to access corporate resources

–          Provide secure VDI for BYOD: Mitigate issues with BYOD devices for VDI access

–          Contextual VDI Access: Restrict access to Virtual Apps & Desktops based on adaptive risks. Access within VDI can also be controlled based on real-time risk

–          Data Control Features: Block data exchange between user PC and VDI, data download, copy-paste, print-screen and screen recording. Also, it can completely block or selectively enable the Internet

–          Enable Strong Authentication: Quickly enable strong authentication to VDI, VPN or application access

Accops solution empowers end-users to securely access corporate infrastructure on any unmanaged devices while working from home.