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A Major Retail Bank In UAE

One of the largest retail banks in the UAE was looking for an information security consulting company who had proven capabilities in Application Security and had enough experience in Core Banking, Mobile banking and Internet Banking applications. The bank was migrating to the new core banking application and was launching the new internet banking and mobile banking applications in the year 2010.

The information security team had changed in between and reliability of the consultant was the key to achieve success in very tight time lines.

The bank decided to call for a closed bidding process and inviting leading information security companies to participate.

The selection of Green Method was due to the proven track record in the aforementioned application genres and the ability to mobilize resources quickly to deliver within the very aggressive go-live dates.

Green Method Quick Win Approach

Mobilized the resources from the offshore offices and deployed them onsite within 7 working days. The challenge was to roll out the program comprising of:

  • Finacle Core Banking
  • 20 surrounding Systems
  • Unique methodology in the testing process and tested the applications and produced real interesting findings.

The bank further engaged Green Method based on the success of the assignment to conduct the penetration testing of:

  • Mobile Banking
  • Internet Banking

Green Method successfully completed these assignments, providing the bank with a complete security landscape of the critical applications and fixed the same.

The tests were very critical because these were pre-launch assessments ands the test conducted was the first of its kind exposing a lot of flaws as well as implementation holes.

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